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RTTS V.3 : professional Technology

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The RTTS V.3 belongs to our newest generation of professional ballistic measurement systems. It is a Real Time Trigger System that combines flexibility, reliability, very high accuracy and is very easy to use. The RTTS V.3 represents 30 years of experience in ballistic measurement technology. Because of our strict quality standards, the system is completely developed and manufactured in Germany.

Designed for high speed photography and video. To synchronize cameras, flash lights and other measurement equipment to free flying objects like bullets in realtime.

RTTS Triggersystems can be used cost- and time saving in ballistic, forensic, defense, aerospace, material testing and many other applications. The system is able to be controlled with a PC based Software or completely PC-independent by infrared remote control. An optional wireless interface is also available.

The Hardware
The completely new designed hardware consists of a mainboard and front panel with a blue, LED backlighted LC display. The digital controlled light screen amplifiers provide the RTTS V.3 with a unmatched precision. The measuring clock frequency is 70MHz, this allows the system to work with a very high resolution, even at high velocities.

The RTTS V.3 is equipped with a 10/100Mb LAN interface and can be delivered optional with a wireless interface. It is also possible to upgrade the system with the optional wireless interface later.

Light screen amplifier:

The light screen amplifier is used to filter, boost and digitize the signals generated by the light screens when a bullet passes. The amplifier can be controlled completely digitally with the IR- Remote control or PC-Software. Since using completely digitally controlled amplifiers without mechanical parts, like potentiometers, the reliability of our systems has increased. The RTTS V.3 self checks, and if necessary regulates, its light screens and amplifier every 5 seconds to ensure always the best amplifier adjustments. Thus, the systems are completely
independent from ambient conditions and are capable of functioning in complete darkness and sunlight. The permanent available, optimized setup gives the RTTS V.3 its superior accuracy. The new measurement controller includes a highly effective real time blast wave suppressor. This suppressor is useful mainly with large light screen systems, but can also be useful to eliminate electrical disturbances.

Selectable inputs for light screens and analog or digital inputs and outputs allows the RTTS V.3 to be prepared
precisely to job to be done. The standard light screen LS 260 already allows very precise measurements. Because of
the new, digital controlled light screen amplifiers, it is very ease to connect different light screens to the system.
Required adjustments can be done easy by software or remote control.


Technical data in catchwords

Display:                                    Big, blue LED backlighted LC display
Controls:                                   Infra red remote control or software.
Measuring base:                      Variable, delivery standard with LS 260 is 500mm
Clock frequency:                      70,0000 MHz,  +/- 20 ppm
Accuracy:                                +/- 0,1% from displayed value
Interfaces:                                100Mb LAN, Optional Wireless Interface available
Real Time Clock:                        Can be synchronized with the PC clock

Light screens:                            LS 260, LS 600, LS 800, LS 1000, LS 1200

Connectors:                               LS 260 - RJ45
                                                   LS 600, LS 800, LS 1000, LS 1200 – BNC
External Inputs:                          Analog, Digital via BNC connector
Control Outputs:                         Analog, Digital selectable via BNC connector

Trigger Outputs:                        4 (Current Dissipation Max 1A), Power Dissipation max (TA ≤ 70°C) 730 mW
Control outputs:                         2 (Analog / Digital selectable)
Inputs:                                        Analog, Digital, (5 Volt)
RTTS 2011:                               235 x 210 x 57mm
                                                  235 x 214 x 85mm (with erected legs)
Standard Light screen:              LS 260, 500mm Measuring base
L x W x H                                   525 x 420 x 280mm

                                                  LS 260, 1000mm Measuring base
L x W x H                                  1025 x 420 x 280mm

Remote control:                         165 x 50 x 25mm
Shooting area:                           260 x 230mm
Sensor area:                             260 x 110mm

Usable Sensors:                        Dynamic Microphones, Pressure sensors, …. Max. Level (5 Volt)

Power supply:                            12 Volt, from 100 .. 220V power supply or Battery
Input Voltage Range:                  9 – 16Volt
Power consumption:                   incl. LS 260 ca. 3 Watt

Cable length:            
                                                   Light screen > RTTS 2011:
                                                  LS 260, 5m max.
                                                  LS 1200, 20m max.
                                                  PC > RTTS 2011: (LAN)
                                                  About 100m Cat5e, Cat6 (depending on cable quality)

Standby condition:                      manually by user, or automatically 5 Sec. After last event

Operating modes:                       Manual, automatic

Trigger-Options:                         1 Master – with 3 Slave outputs

2 Master – each with 1 Slave output

Manual – 4 independent, predefined delays

Digital controlled Light screen amplifier

Amplifier gain digital selectable in 5% steps

Threshold digital selectable from 0,5 to 4,5 Volt

PC independent use via infrared remote control and completely to control by PC

Highly effective digital blastwave filter.


Remote control: Yes

Sample applications:

Synchronisation of light and camera to an impacting bullet:
The RTTS awaits the event in the lightscreen, and starts then autonomous the trigger sequence with flashlite and camera.  Picture 1, Picture 2                                                

Picture 1

Picture 2

Synchronisation of two bullets (mid air collision, very special) Picture 3. Synchronisation of a bullet to a small blasting cap Picture 4.
Synchronizing and autonomous firing of a small cannon (Picture 3), respectively a small blasting cap (Picture 4) to a bullet, flying in front of the camera. Also synchronized from the RTTS was the camera and the used flash lite.

Picture 3

Picture 4

Simulation of an Asteroid Impact, Manual operation mode.
After Setup, the RTTS fires autonomous the cannon with the „Asteroid“ and starts the camera (Picture 5).

Picture 5

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