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Dual LS 260 : Light screens for professional use

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Under certain circumstances it can become necessary to measure two velocities  parallel or sequentially to get demanded data (Information). The following list shows some examples of double measurements, but makes no claim to completeness.

- To make sure that the measurement is correct (backup measurement, reliability, redundancy)
- Important and/or not repeatable measurements
- QM guidelines and/or specifications

- Customers/Contractors wish or specification
- Customer specific test setup, that requires 2 velocities (e.g. before and after a target or a other special given problem)
- Calculationof the ballistic coefficient

- Required by law
- Forensic investigations

Light screen LS 260

The lightscreen LS 260 is a unidirectional static Infrared lightscreen and has been created at first for indoor use. Through its light construction the LS 260 characterize itself for portable use. For transportation the lightscreen can be disassembled very fast to save space. The standard version of the lightscreens are working with calibers from .17 up to .50. Custom built solutions to solve special problems are possible .

In combination with our measuring systems BMC 21a respectively the light screen amplifier
TLSA-100, the LS 260 light screen can be used in many ways.

Technical Data

Sensor area 100 x 260 mm
complete shot area 230 x 260 mm
Measuring base 500mm Standard (can be changed)
Controller Outputs (TLSA100) 5 Volt Analog
5 Volt Digital (Low active, High active)
Output connectors RJ 45
Power supply from the connected measuring system
DC current input 300 mA, ca. 3,6 Watt
Accuracy 0.1 %
Speed Area ca. 25 - 2000 m/s
Frame material powder coated Duraluminium

Delivery standard:

LS 100/260 incl. Aluframe, 4 pieces of Distance rod for 500 mm Measuring base, Mounting plate for Videotripod, Controller for Lightscreen LS 100vvGA , Power supply, cableset.

Subject to change without notice !

Warranty: 36 Month


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