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Dual LS 1200 : Light screens for professional use

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Dual LS 1200 series

Under certain circumstances it can become necessary to measure two velocities  parallel or sequentially to get demanded data (Information). The following list shows some examples of double measurements, but makes no claim to completeness.

- To make sure that the measurement is correct (backup measurement, reliability, redundancy)
- Important and/or not repeatable measurements
- QM guidelines and/or specifications

- Customers/Contractors wish or specification
- Customer specific test setup, that requires 2 velocities (e.g. before and after a target or a other special given problem)
- Calculationof the ballistic coefficient

- Required by law
- Forensic investigations


LS 1200 series

The new designed High End lightbarrier family LS 1200 connect are highly precise unidirectional static Infrared lightbarriers. Because of the size, the lightbarriers are suitable for military use, forensic analysis, ballistic labs, aviation ...

The Lightbarrier family LS xx00 consists at the moment of four members, LS 600, LS 800,
LS 1000 and LS 1200 with Measuring windows from 600 x 400mm (LS 600) to 1200 x 400mm ! (LS 1200)

(see the picture above for the scale of the lightbarriers size)

The Lightbarrier family offers the following technical data:

Caliber Range 4 .. 40mm
Velocity range 5 .. 3000m/s
Standard temparatur range
Extended temparature range possible!
0 - 40° Celsius without condensation.
Accuracy < 0,1%
Very large Sensor areas from
600 x 400 mm up to 1200 x 400mm

The standard Measuring base is 1000mm. Every other user defined base is possible.
The Signal output is Analog positive, 50 Ohm BNC
Power supply: 100 - 160 Volt AC
Custom built solutions to solve special problems are possible and welcome.
Weight: approx. 16 .. 24kg (LS 600 - 1200)
Frame material: Anodized aluminum
Complete Power consumption: ~ 16 W


LS 600 - LS 1200 panel:

Analog output
Service switch
RS 485 Interface
IR power connector

12 Volt DC Input

On/Off switch

Fuse holder

The light screens deliver a very precise output signal, that follows the silhouette of the bullet.

Sample image:

Das Ausgangssignal zeigt sehr deutlich die Form einer Diabolo Luftgewehrkugel. Das Signal wurde an einer ‘LS 1000 connect’ gemessen.

Die Lichtschrankenfamilie LS 1200 kann direkt an das BMC 31 Messsystem angeschlossen werden. Beide Systeme, Lichtschranke und BMC 31, können über die gleiche RS 485 Leitung gesteuert werden.



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