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BMC 31: Professional measurement technology, including Rate of Fire

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The BMC 31 is our newest generation of professional ballistic velocity measurement systems. It is a universal measuring system that combines flexibility, reliability, very high accuracy and is very easy to use. The BMC 31 represents 30 years of experience in ballistic measurement technology. Because of our strict quality standards, the system is completely developed and manufactured in Germany.

The BMC 31 was developed for applications which requires a maximum independence of a computer. The BMC 31 can store up to 250 measurement
values in a non-volatile memory. As soon as the system is connected to a computer, the measured values can be transmitted to the computer
with the delivered software. With the supplied IR remote control, the BMC 31 can be used with all it's functions completely independent of a computer.

The following can be set and controlled by using the remote control:
Setting the measuring base, gain, threshold, velocity in m/s or ft/s, sensor check, remote control test, deletion of the last measured value, deletion of the whole series.

Calculations such as:
Minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation, extreme spread, number of the measurements and much more.
The BMC 31 can also be controlled completely by a PC through the included software .

The Possibilities: Device control via IR remote control or PC-Software. Single Shot and Full Auto mode measurements. Direct indication of velocity, energy and Rate of Fire via IR Remote control and PC-Software. In the Software, the measurement values can be indicated in tabular or graphic form.

The Hardware: The BMC 31 has specially designed hardware, which makes it possible to get measurements without the main processor. This special hardware, together with the digital controlled light screen amplifiers allows the BMC 31 it's unique accuracy. The extremely precise measurement clock of 40MHz makes measurement resolution of 0.05m/s at a speed of 1000m/s possible.

Interfaces: The BMC 31 is delivered with 3 interfaces. There are 2 serial interfaces; RS 232, RS 485 and a USB 2 interface. As an option, there is also a wireless interface available, that allows a connection within hundreds of meters, depending on the environment.

Light screen amplifier: The light screen amplifier is used to filter, boost and digitize the signals generated by the light screens when a bullet passes. The amplifier can be controlled completely digitally with the IR- Remote control or PC-Software. Since using completely digitally controlled amplifiers without mechanical parts, like
potentiometers, the reliability of our systems has increased. The BMC 31 self checks, and if neccessary regulates, its light screens and amplifier every 5 seconds to ensure always the best amplifier adjustments. Thus, the BMC 31 systems are completely independent from ambient conditions and are capable of functioning in complete darkness and sunlight. The permanent available, optimized setup gives the BMC 31 its superior accuracy. The new measurement controller includes a highly effective real time blast wave supressor. This supressor is useful mainly with large light screen systems, but can also be useful to eliminate electrical disturbances.

Calibration: Calibration is a basic requirement within a QM system. In this case, the BMC 31 is optimally equipped and can be calibrated. With our specially built
calibration system the BMC 31 is able to be calibrated and easily tested . The calibration scheme used is testing not only the BMC 31 main unit but includes also the light screen and the amplifier path in the testing and calibration process. This gives the user the highest confidence of extremely accurate measurement.

The Software: The win32 Software, delivered with the BMC 31 system is developed for Win2000®, WinXP® and Windows7®. The user friendly software
includes configurable database for the user, weapon, ammunition and other data. The software allows the use of two BMC 31 systems at the
same time. This feature is to be used for e.g. redundant measurements and ballistic coefficient calculation.

All Variables, used in the software, like database entries, series information, user text, statistic values and pictures can be used in the report generator as well as a formula parser  to create user defined printouts

The user interface
The Wiindows® based Software combines easy handling as well as flexibility and reliability.

The graphic shows a burst of 228 shots with a Softair Minigun in continuous fire. Also see @
The average  rate of fire is about 2150 shot per minute. Here, also the corresponding velocity of each shot has been measured. The BMC 31 is able to measure both at the same time.
In Burst Mode, BMC 31 is able to measure > 6000 shot per minute

To the delivery standard belongs a infrared remote control unit, that can be used to control the BMC 31 completely.

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With the build in interfaces like RS 232, RS 485, USB, and the optional available Wireless System, the BMC 31 system offers many options to connect it to a computer.


Selectable inputs for light screens and analog and digital inputs and outputs allows the BMC 31 to be prepared precisely to job to be done.


The standard light screen LS 260 already allows very precise measurements.
Because of the new, digital controlled light screen amplifiers, it is very ease, to connect different light screens to the system.

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Technical data in catchwords / Hardware

Display unit:   Big blue LCD text display with 9,7mm font size

  Infrared remote control unit or software.

Measurement base:

  Variable, Standard with LS 260 is 500mm

Measurement frequency:

  40,000000 MHz,  +/- 20 ppm
Measurement accuracy:

  +/- 0,1%

  0,05m/s bei 1000m/s
Maximum rate of fire:

  >6000 Shot/min, with velocity measurement at the same time.

  250 shot (Permanent without Battery)
250 Shot rate of fire and velocity, non Permanent!

  RS 232, RS 485 and USB in delivery standard.
Wireless Interface: Optional
Light screens:


  LS 260,   LS 600 – LS 1200

LS 260 - RJ45,
LS 600 bis LS 1200 - BNC
External in:

  Analog, Digital / BNC connector
Control out:

  Analog / Digital  via BNC connector
Digital controlled Light screen amplifier
Amplifier gain digital selectable in 5% steps
Threshold digital selectable from 0,5 to 4,5 Volt
Independent working measurement controller

BMC 31:


235 x 210 x 57mm
235 x 214 x 85mm (with erected legs)

Standard Light screen:

  LS 260, 500mm Measuring base
L x B x H

  525 x 420 x 280mm
Shooting area

  260 x 230mm
Sensor area   260 x 110mm

Cable length:

Light screen – BMC 31:

PC – BMC 31:
  LS 260, 5m max.
LS 1200, 20m max.

USB: 2m, RS 232: 25m, RS 485: 1000m
Remote control:

Calibration:   Yes (optional)

Calibration model:

  incl. lightscreen
Blastwave filter:

ROHS:   Yes



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